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Discover Our Ministries: Become A Part Of Us

children's ministry at the mission church
At The Mission Church of the Nazarene, we offer a range of ministries

At our church, we provide opportunities for you to utilize your unique gifts and talents to make a meaningful difference in our community, particularly in our children and youth ministries, Hospitality, and outreach ministry. Whether you have a passion for engaging with our vibrant young minds, desire to connect and welcome others, or wish to participate in our impactful outreach initiatives, there are numerous avenues for you to get involved and create a lasting impact. We firmly believe that serving others is an integral part of living out our faith, and we warmly invite you to join us in these significant ministries as we strive to make a positive difference together.

Our Ministries

Our Ministries

Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry at The Mission Church of the Nazarene is at the heart of our mission to love and serve our community. We believe in extending God's love beyond the walls of our church and meeting people where they are. We strive to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those around us, as we learn to be good neighbors. Join us as we reach out with compassion, share the hope of Christ, and make a positive difference in our neighborhood and beyond.

Children & Youth

    At the Mission Church, we believe that children and teens are a part of the church. We have intergenerational services here, which means that we are all together. Children, teens, and adults learning about Christ together gives us a fuller picture of what it means to participate in the kingdom of God, where everyone is invited. 
Our services look a bit different for that reason, we have moments where children are invited to participate in various ways, and we encourage everyone to learn, grow, and worship together. 

   We have a young usher program where our older children and teens are trained on how to serve in the church in various ways as well. 
There are various times throughout the year with a particular focus on children, like our back to school Sunday, but we encourage participation in the full life of the church, and are okay with whatever disruptions that may bring. We aim to inspire and equip children to become lifelong disciples of Christ. Join us as we journey alongside our youngest members, sowing seeds of faith and helping them flourish in God's love.


One of the key values of The Mission Church is hospitality. We seek to extend hospitality to those around us. We do this through our weekly coffee hour, our monthly tea at the Parsonage, our quarterly breakfasts, and our fall bonfires, among various special events throughout the year. We know how busy our world and culture are, and we seek to create spaces of rest and welcome for all.

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